Cluster 1: 3D-scanning

Mesh wireframe after point cloud fusion

Digitizing the first collection of bike frames.

Pointcloud after global registration

Using an Artec Leo handheld scanner and the powerful Artec Studio software, detailed digital models of 18 bike frames were created. Compared to the Eva scanner we used in a previous project, the advantage of this device is its integrated battery and computer. Over time this machine becomes rather heavy however, this might help to keep the “camera” steady while scanning.

The scanner creates a high-resolution point cloud that registers the object as well as the surrounding. A background with rich texture and contrast helps with tracking. Usually, for each object, two scans from both sides are made, then the background is deleted in each scan and the two halves are aligned and merged together before the point cloud is converted into a mesh in a semi-automized process.

Mesh geometry
Mesh skeleton created with Cockroach in Grasshopper
Axis lines through intersection curves

An automized process for creating simplified models, or discretized representations as a basis for computing large amounts of such objects is one of the tasks to be integrated into the further workflow.